Inclusive Innovation

Creating a culture of inclusive innovation means developing intentional access for those who have been previously left out - under-connected persons who lack key relationships and connectivity to the people, information and resources critical for innovation. In 2015, Boundless Impact joined a group of forward-thinking diverse leaders from Greensboro to embark on a 2-year journey towards inclusive innovation called InnovateNC. Our outcomes include developing a high-tech on-line Triad Navigator tool for accessing people, information and resources. Surrounding the tool will be a high-touch network of connectors, advisors and mentors trained to increase accessibility for under-connected students, people of color and immigrants. Follow our exciting developments at InnovateGSO.

Many faith communities are declining in effectiveness, as they continue to separate and worship in safe and secure comfort zones, ignoring the complex community problems and divisiveness that are breaking God's heart. To address this problem, Boundless Impact partnered with the Western North Carolina Conference of the United Methodist Church to launch InnovateUMC in 2015, a network of teams formed to practice innovation around adaptive challenges facing churches and surrounding communities. To date, three InnovateUMC teams are experimenting in the following ways:

  • Merging an historically African American church and Caucasian church together, after standing 1/4 mile apart for over 150 years.
  • Launching a new multi-ethnic faith community in downtown Greensboro
  • Bringing diverse members from churches across a district for joint study and mission to develop bonds of community
  • Hosting TRUTH Cafes - crucial conversations and action steps for reconciling race relations in communities
  • Exploring opportunities for redevelop of urban church properties for mixed-use development, including affordable housing and workforce development strategies
  • Forming an intentional living community on the grounds of Crossnore School and Children's Home to address needs of young adults who age out of foster care
  • Developing resources and how-to's for churches who seek to form ecumenical service partnerships with other churches