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Thursday, October 19, 2017
By Boundless Impact

We are excited to share the news that on September 19, 2017, the Union Square Campus Board approved the finalized concept for Union Square Phase II: A single facility that will house both an innovation/design space and a cybersecurity center. Boundless Impact Executive Director, Cindy Thompson, served on the Union Square Phase II teams for Innovation and Design from the beginning of the process which began in January 2016.

As background, in 2009 a group of business and higher education leaders under Opportunity Greensboro saw a need for space where collaboration and innovation could flourish to promote business growth and economic development in the surrounding area. After brainstorming many ideas, the final concept for Union Square Campus phase one is a school of advanced nursing with associate through doctorate nursing programs. Through various partnerships with both private and public investors the $34 million project was completed and opened in August 2016 with the capacity to serve over 400 students. Following the success of phase one in 2017 two concepts innovation & design and cybersecurity, emerged to fill the gaps in employment, research, and facilities that phase one exemplifies in the nursing sector.

The Innovation & Design Center will consist of a design thinking lab, concept lab, spatial computing lab, and space for design startups. The planned Cybersecurity Center will include a cyber projects lab, secure lab, server room, operations center, and space for cyber startups. Crucial to both centers will be the Hub, complete with a kitchen, collaboration spaces, networking areas, and event space. Phase II is based on the idea that working in one space is conducive to producing dynamic relationships and furthering all efforts to promote inclusive innovation in our community. The goal being to create an active hub for peer interaction, community programs, events, and a productive environment for cyber and design-related startups.  


Friday, September 08, 2017
By Boundless Impact

We'd love to introduce our new Community Engagement Intern to you, Gabrielle Propst. Gabrielle is a junior at High Point University studying marketing with a minor in sales. Gabrielle's prior experience includes interning with the organization Influence and Outcomes LLC, where she worked with the non-profit HandyCapable to improve their social media presence. Gabrielle's mentor is Akir Khan who began as her success coach in her first-year experience and with whom she is now working with to develop the Student Leadership Team at High Point University.  She is passionate about helping others and serving as a role model on campus.  Gabrielle made the Dean's List at HPU and is a member of the Honors College.  She is excited about getting involved with Boundless Impact to help promote global education, diversity, and inclusive leadership.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017
By Boundless Impact

The 30-member InnovateGSO Council gathered on August 10, 2017, for a capstone celebration of outcomes for the 2-year InnovateNC Cross-City Learning Collaborative. Boundless Impact Executive Director and InnovateGSO Executive Committee member Cindy Thompson led members on a recap of the journey to create a culture of inclusive innovation in Greensboro. After a demonstration of the new Triad Navigator tool developed by InnovateGSO members and presentation of certificates by City Council member Nancy Hoffman, the council members enjoyed a reception. Many of the council members have committed to continuing the work of InnovateGSO for one more year to ensure the tool is supported by a network of diverse connectors who can help community members access the resources for innovation and entrepreneurship in our region.

UNC-TV recently aired a 30-minute show that summarizes the work of the InnovateGSO Council, featuring Cindy Thompson and Ditra Miller.

Tuesday, August 01, 2017
By Boundless Impact

Thanks to the recommendation of Lady Bizness at a Guilford Nonprofit Consortium Tech Thursday event, Boundless Impact has launched a new website through Photobiz, a local organization providing website and business tools for creatives and nonprofits in downtown Greensboro. We love our new look, the functionality and ease of use, and especially our wonderful local colleagues at Photobiz who got us converted in under a month!

Monday, July 31, 2017
By Boundless Impact

Boundless Impact hosted a Welcome Reception for a delegation of education officials from Botswana at the International Civil Rights Museum on Tuesday, July 25, 2017. This day marked the 57th Anniversary of Woolworth's changing their policy to serve African-Americans at their lunch counter, after a successful 7 month sit-in movement. North Carolina's Department of Military and Veterans Affairs oversees a Memorandum of Understanding between our state and Botswana, which has included numerous delegations traveling between our regions. The Botswana delegation is traveling throughout NC for several weeks, visiting landmarks and attending conferences on education issues.